Monday, April 22, 2013

Exploding Lamestream Media's Expectations on Blaming Boston Bombing

The media meme seemed to be be a casual linkage between Tax Day and Patriots Day to smear the Tea Party as violent right wing extremists.

But when the Democrat Senate failed to pass gun grabbing legislation, the designated message of the day  was supposed to change to cover President Obama's temper tantrum in the Rose Garden.  But Fox's "The Five"  continued to explore the Lamestream Media's knee jerk reaction to blame right wingers.


So when it became clear that the Boston Marathon Bombing was not committed by angry white men, the media's myth was exploded.  But it still had softened the battlefield so that Maret Tsarnaev could continue her campaign to insist that her terrorist nephews were innocent, despite the evidence

No wonder why Ruben Blades opined "I think that we risk being the best informed society that dies of ignorance."

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