Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Margaret Thatcher on Socialism

Margaret Thatcher Socialism

It is worth noting on the day of former UK Prime Minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher's British state funeral that the Obama Administration sent a low level delegation of Republican former Secretaries of Stake, George Schultz and James Baker, ages 92 and 84 respectively, to represent the United States.

In sharp contrast, when socialist revolutionary dictator Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died in March 2013, the  Obama Administration had the US Charges d'Affairs to Caracas as well as Congressman Gregory Meeks  (D-NY 5th) and former U.S. Representative William Delahunt (D-MA 10th) representing the Obama Administration.

Of course, President Obama  has a history of snubbing its long-time allies, particularly the United Kingdom, as Mr. Obama returned  the bust of Winston Churchill presented to the American people after the 9/11 terror attacks as well as the history of  ham handed state gifts to Britain during the reign of Obama.    

But this snub at Margaret Thatcher's funeral seems more ideologically driven.  Rather than respect our Special Relationship will longtime ally Great Britain and recognize the first British woman prime minister, one who saved the free market in England, Obama sent aged Grand Old Party standees.  Yet Mr. Obama had the temerity of sending active Obama Administration officials and a current congressional representative to a Chavista socialist who has caused much mischief in Mezo-America as well as among its neighbors in South America. 

It tells you something more about socialism and the Obama Administration. 

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