Monday, August 27, 2012

Truth Squad on Biden

 It used to be an honored American tradition that Presidential candidates ceded the lime-lights during the week of his opponent's political convention, spending only a truth squad of tier b surrogates to counter charges in the news. Like so many other things, the Obama 2012 campaign has broken this civil tradition by tapping our national treasure Vice President Joe Biden to campaign in Tampa and vicinity at the start of the Republican National Convention.

Between dodging the rain from Hurricane Isaac, Secret Service Security for the Vice President and Mr. Biden's incorrigible incompetence, this should be a hot mess in Tampa. As Mr. Biden was chosen to lead the Truth Squad for the Democrats, it seems only right to share a blazing light of truth on Biden's  bloviatations.

As you watch, please remember that the 69 year old Mr. Biden is the next in line for the Presidency of the United States  and that Mr. Obama chose Biden in case Mr. Obama be unable to perform his elected duties.

 God Save the United States of America.

 h/t: R.J. Matson

Post Scriptus-  Vice President Biden cancelled his appearance in Tampa on Monday due to Hurricane Isaac.  The Vice President's office should be commended for this prudent move as Biden's visit  would have needlessly stretched law enforcement resources with the concurrent natural disaster and the Republican National Convention (which also was postponed its start on  Monday).

Naturally, Hurricane Isaac could also be a convenient excuse to avoid having voters scrutinize the sayings of Our National Treasure. And it would alleviate answering uncomfortable inquiries about empty chairs at Biden campaign events.

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