Friday, August 24, 2012

R.I.P. Sesame Street's Jerry Nelson--Count Your Blessings

Sesame Street's Count Von Count & Puppeteer Jerry Nelson

Jerry Nelson, the voice of many Muppets for 40 years including Count Von Count, died at the age of 78. Nelson also voiced characters like Herry the Monster, Mr. Snuffeulupagus, and Sherlock Holmes. Nelson retired from physical puppeteering in 2004, but continued to voice character like the Count up until his death. 

Nelson was one of Jim Henson's early muppeteers, joining the troupe in 1965.  Nelson started on Sesame Street during the long running childrens' educational show in its second season.  On "The Muppet Show", Nelson played Sgt. Floyd Pepper, the bassist for the house band "Electric Mayhem" and Lew Zealand, the boomerang fish thrower. 

To give a better picture of the man behind the characters, here is a video of Nelson in 2002 making a cameo appearance as an ice cream vendor on Sesame Street.

But we must count our blessings of experiencing the magical Muppeteering of Jerry Nelson in our lives, despite feeling sad,  by reprising his role Count Von Count.

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