Thursday, December 1, 2016

On the Buckeye Jihadi and Political Correctness

When there were early reports of a mass casualty incident at The Ohio State University, progressive politicians instinctively inveighed against gun violence.

The reality was that the perpetrator  ran his car into a crowd of people, then exited the vehicle randomly attacking the stunned students with a butcher knife until being shot dead by a law enforcement officer.  The campus was put on lockdown until the incident ended. About a dozen innocent people were injured, one critically.

As details emerged from the act of terrorism, it became clear that the attacker was a Somalia transfer student to Ohio State. At the beginning of the year, the attacker had been interviewed by the student newspaper about practicing his Muslim beliefs on campus. His social media posts praised jihad. ISIS exulted the Buckeye jihad.  Yet an Ohio State Residents Life official tried to squelch any bad news about their fellow Buckeye in social media, while simultaneously promoting Black Lives Matter. 

On the Ohio State Terror Attack and the Buckeye Jihadi
One wonders if the university experience is now education a costly political correct indoctrination with supposed safe space for licentiousness. 

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