Monday, October 3, 2016

Hillary Leaks Basement Dwelling Condescension--Feel the Bern

Democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sneers at Basement Dweller Bernie Sanders backers

As Democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (D-NY) wonders why she is not connecting with Millennial voters, she should consider her attitude behind the public mask.  Ex Secret Service Agent Ron Kessler points out the nasty way that she treats agents behind the scenes.  Similarly, audio leaked from a Hillary event in February 2016 which she denigrated youthful Bernie backers as being basement dwellers.

In this 2016 cycle, voters yearn for genuineness, even if it is unvarnished and uncomfortable ejaculations like Donald Trump on a roll.  People may think that Hillary Clinton won the first Presidential debate because of preparation, canned ham (e.g. "trumped up, trickle down economics") and pasting on a smiley face for a prolonged period. This pose, however, did not significantly move the needle up.

Millennials are loathe to run to a candidate who just plays the gender card.  Now that they know "Sneering Hillary" who speaks contemptuously of being a barista or believing in real change, are they going to go out in droves to support Democrats? Might some join "The Deplorables" Trump Team? The latter seems unlikely.

We'll see on November 8th.

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