Thursday, July 28, 2016

On DNC Incompetence

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was convinced not to gavel the opening of the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia in the wake of the DNCleaks (via Wikileaks) revelations of rigging the primary system for 2016 Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton (D-NY).  

So they let the honor of gaveling the convention open to Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. (D-Baltimore).

Rawlings-Blake did about as well in that role as she did in crowd control in the wake of the Freddie Gray protests (freedom of speech = freedom to destroy).  Perhaps more poignantly put, Rawlings was about as effective as Baltimore District Attorney Carolyn Mosby's criminal prosecutions of Baltimore Police Officers in the the Freddie Gray case.

Democrats are also ardently opposed to identification checks for voters (which conveniently leads to the very real possibility of voter fraud in some precincts).  Of course to get into the arena, delegates had to show their IDs along with their credentials.

Let's not forget about how the Democrat party is so adamantly opposed stronger border controls for immigration, as epitomized in Republican nominees exhortation to build a wall with Mexico.  Aside from the four mile wide perimeter wall around Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, the DNC needed to erect a curtain wall in front of the DNC stage to prevent Bernie Bros from charging the stairs.  Later this was replaced by a plexiglass wall.

Supporters of Sanders were so raucous, particularly on the first night that the DNC might have sought to replace them with paid seat warmers via Craigslists.  For sections in the convention that seemed to be Bernie territory, the DNC conveniently turned the lights out in that section so it would not interfere with the televised perception of Democrat party unity. 

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