Friday, September 25, 2015

Ed Klein on Hillary Clinton and Adversity

Ed Klein on Hilary Clinton and Adversity

The Hillary! 2016 campaign brushed off the excerpts from Ed Klein's book Unlikable (2015) with Nick Merrill's brash bluster:

“Another book? Someone should do a book about Ed. They could call it ‘Bulls–t: The Problem with Anything Ed Klein Writes.’"

But the problem with this locker room language is that it does not reflect reality.  In March, 2015, Ed Klein predicted that the Hillary E-mails would be one of six shoes to drop. 

With the drip, drip, drip surrounding the Hillary Emails, it would be damaging if the Hillary! 2016  campaign had other controversies to evade.  They might do well to sing the Baha Men's hit "Who Let the Dogs Out?

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