Friday, September 25, 2015

Devin Nunes on Vacating the Chair and Pelosi Republicans

As the Motion to Vacate the Chair stops being a theoretical idle threat and enters the realm of political possibility, some Speaker Boehner loyalists have begin to lash out.Devin Nunes on Pelosi Repubicans and Vacate the Chair

Congressman Devin Nunes is the youngest Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. He did not get this coveted position without the aid of leadership.  Thus, it explains his harsh words about the Freedom Caucus.

The trouble is that his explanation of the process is mistaken.  If Speaker Boehner has trouble securing enough votes to defeat the Motion to Vacate the Chair, Boehner and the Establishment Republicans either need to rely upon the graciousness of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA 12th previously 8th) in getting some of her Democrat Caucus to support Boehner or vote Present, thus lowing the threshold for victory. 

There are indications that Pelosi might be willing to lend her support, but at what price?  Could the Republican Caucus countenance a Speaker who retains power only by relying upon support from the other aisle? If it is a down low deal, with some Democrats skipping the vote or voting Present, what concessions will have to be made.  Or is it just the pleasure of watching Boehner twist in the wind thus allowing more progressive power during the 114th Congress and beyond?

If Boehner loses re-election, there is no way that Nancy Pelosi or another Democrat garners the 218 votes necessary for ascending to the Speaker's seat.  So it is a misnomer to call the Freedom Caucus "Pelosi Republicans".

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