Tuesday, July 21, 2015

General Ray Odierno on the Unarmed Stateside Military

In the aftermath of the Chattanooga shooting (which the Obama Administration is loathe to call a terror attack), US Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno justified the continuation of a 1992 Department of Defense directive prohibiting most stateside military personnel from carrying arms while on duty. General Ray Odierno on Stateside Unarmed Military

Odierno's opinions on maintaining the current regulations seem political to justify that current Commander-in-Chief's policies to check soldiers, sailors, Air Force and Marines while denying that there really is a war by radical Islamists which have come to America's shores. The safety concerns  seem specious as these armed forces are trusted with weapons while on duty abroad.

In response to the Chattanooga terror attack, the Pentagon ordered military recruiters to make modest security measures like closing their shades and they were told not to wear their uniforms in public.  It is pathetic that concerned civilians feel compelled to stand guard near military recruiting centers as the service personnel can not legally carry firearms.

The DoD Regulation 5210.56 occurred during the Pentagon's drawdown from Cold War readiness.  After the attack of military recruiters in Little Rock in 2009 and Chattanooga in 2015 along with the Fort Hood shooting in 2009 (which the Obama Administration "workplace violence") and the 2014 Fort Hood shooting, it is time to change the policy to protect our troops and eliminate sitting duck targets in no gun zones.  

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