Wednesday, January 14, 2015

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio on IDs for Illegals

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio on IDs for Illegals   While it is no surprise that a progressive politician such as Bill De Blasio wants to welcome those who are socially disadvantaged, like people who broke immigration laws.   Some states like California, are trying to get everyone operating on the roads with a drivers license for safety concerns. Unfortunately, making the privilege of driving available to indocumentados does not mean that they will qualify.  About half of the illegal immigrants taking the California DMV test failed, often more than once. 

 But such bleeding hearts usually just  refer to the group  as "undocumented Americans".   De Blasio apologized if these people felt like "second class" citizens.  Really?  This is insulting to those who follow the rule of law like citizens, taxpayers and especially those honorable immigrants who played by the rules and endured the long and costly process to become a legal citizen of the United States. 

The IDs which the undocumented New Yorkers will not only allow them to use banks and fly on airplanes.  It also entitles them to use the 33 city agencies.  How do such residents treat the civic largess?  The track record for this class of immigrants is not promising.  

If  they do not necessarily have Social Security numbers, they will either use false IDs or work under the table.  Perhaps President Obama's extra-legal Executive Action moots that issue before the judicial branch which makes it a political issue not to be overturned with a chary Congressional leadership.

President Obama allowed a large influx of Central American immigrants to migrate to America and be disbursed on their own recognizance throughout the United States so long as they showed up for their scheduled INS hearing. The government now reports that 96% of these people were "in abstentia" (i.e. no shows). 

Many suspect that some politicians encourage immigration of "undocumented Americans" as a way to increase voter turnout.  In Maryland, it is estimated that 7% of the electorate may be comprised of illegal immigrants.  This was determined cross checking voter rolls to  jury summons which were appealed because they were not US Citizens.

As this nation tries to grapple with the thorny subject of illegal immigration, we ought to stop ignoring the rule of law by minimizing the duties along with the rights of citizens.

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