Friday, January 16, 2015

Al Sharpton: "The Academy Awards Are Like the Rocky Mountains..."

In reaction to the 2015 Academy Awards nominations which did not include a black actor among the twenty top nominations, Al Sharpton pulled the race card.  

Sharpton made an acrimonious analogy of the "White" Rocky Mountains and promised to meet with a task for to discuss possible actions around Oscars awards time.

During the leaks surrounding Sony Pictures release of "The Interview", Sharpton seized on inconvenient emails in which film executives joked about pitching African American oriented films which President Barack Obama might like.  Sharpton's agitation about Sony Picture's snafu won him a place at the table in Hollywood as Racial Inclusion Czar.

Al Sharpton street Press Conference after Sony Pictures shakedown with Amy Pascal, 12/18/2014

 It seems that Sharpton has been bitten by the show business bug and can't stop trying to steal the lime-lights, even for the Academy Awards ceremony.

Normally, when self appointed racial justice leaders protest, they settle the problem by enriching themselves without "solving" the problem.  There is still time to implement a simple solution.  Now Al Sharpton could host the Academy Awards, with a special guest appearance by North Korean Dictator Kim Jon Un. 

The challenge would be having Al Sharpton read the teleprompter and to stop talking with the orchestral cues so the Oscars are not as long as an old time Fidel Castro speech.

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