Monday, April 28, 2014

John Kerry Lurches Forward on the Levant

When speaking in a closed door meeting of the Trilateral Commission, Obama Administration Secretary of State John F. Kerry opined that a two state solution to the Israeli/Palestinian affair was the only alternative to apartheid or annihilation of Israel.  This comes after talks with the Palestinian Authority were broken off by Israel as P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas reconciled with Hamas, which has vowed to annihilate the Jewish State.

There are a few remarkable things about Secretary of State Kerry's admission.  It envisages that a one state solution could only be conducted under Palestinian auspices.  Currently, Arabs who live in Israel are first class citizens with full rights.  Muslim lead governments in the Mid-East have dhimmi second class citizens who do not ascribe to Islam but are countenanced by paying a jizha tax.

Secondly, Kerry's choice of words is alarming.   Notwithstanding the validity of Kerry's contention, applying the word apartheid is alarming as it introduces a pejorative phrase to the diplomatic toolbox for Israeli/Palestinian relations.  While apartheid is much more likely on the Palestinian plane, anti-semitic elements are much more likely to cast Israelis as the authors of apartheid.

Thirdly, the Obama Administration's Minister to the world has revealed the meaninglessness of President Obama's promise to Israel "I have Israel's back" when he was out of the campaign hustings in 2012.  To paraphrase another flimsy Obama promise: "If you like your state, then you can keep it."  It's a pity that too many people relied up these sweet sounding cozenings in exchange for their support.

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