Thursday, August 8, 2013

Satirizing Carlos Danger

When he's not sexting his bevy of bitstream babes or pushing around "Gramps" (his GOP opponent) at an AARP candidate forums, Anthony Weiner a.k.a. (D-NYC) is the butt of jokes among an incredulous America which can not believe that New York City continues to take this Weiner seriously.

Some think that a continued string of sending selfies, engaging in cybersex with a Hoosier  interlocutor who he promised to put up in a condo in the Windy City ought to force Weiner to pull out of the race.  But Jimmy Fallon's farce suggests that we just might end up with Alcalde Carlos Danger de Nueva York.

There are two Big Apple pols who have got to love the Weiner roast.  

Primarily, Weiner's second sexting scandal has helped put New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (D-NYC Chelsea, Manhattan) who has risen to the top of the polls commanding 25% of Democrat's support while Weiner backers have shrunk to 10%, putting Weiner in fourth place.   Voters are not troubled by an out of the closest Lesbian who has been Council Speaker since 2007 but support has diminished for the raunchy recidivism which Carlos Danger emergence represents. 

The other candidate who must relish the razzing which Weiner can not put behind him is disgraced former New York Governor Elliott Spitzer (D-NY).  Although Spitzer had to resign from office after his high class call girl dalliances were made public, Spitzer is now leading his opponent to become Comptroller of the Big Apple. 

We will know if Anthony Weiner's comeback is successful after the September 10th primary.  Maybe he will be luckier in love if "Good Wife" Huma Abedin sticks with him if his political fortunes go south or if  the 2010 Weiner-Abedin union  was as Vogue headlined it "Political Ties".

h/t: The Weekly Standard
       Latenight With Jimmy Fallon

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