Friday, August 9, 2013

Invigilating Obama's Oratorical Abilities

As conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt live tweeted (@hughhewitt) President Barack Obama's full press conference before his nine day vacation at Martha's Vineyard, he inveighed against the empty obfuscation which the Chief Executive offered.   

Hewitt proclaimed that the August 9th 2013 Presser was the worst one in history.  The Salem Radio host observed that in the age of instant media like Twitter, it is impossible to proffer facile pressers which just filibuster without suffering the wrath of those who are politically awake.  
Hewitt opined that Mr. Obama did not finish with his first longwinded sentence about Obamacare before the Internet offered instantaneous input.  Alas, the conservative commentator's quip about: "Obama is a collection of cliches surrounded by an Oval Office". 

It is lucky that Mr. Obama's blooper reel was not evaluated instead.

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