Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ted Nugent on Guns

Ted Nugent Guns

Some have pointed to examples of Nugent firing his mouth off onstage and claiming that he threatened public officials.

While the Motor City Madman's exuberance onstage may be too intense for some, these passionate pronouncements seem like defense of freedom with analogies rather than threats.  A typical rule for radical technique is to silence the opposition by the one way application of rules 

Nevertheless, Nugent's question about the Founding Fathers is worth consideration.  Gun Grabbers typically dismiss the application of the Second Amendment as either a group right reserved for Militias (a historic phenomenon which has no application today) or as the "hunting and fishing" amendment, next to the "Good and Plenty" clause (sic) in the Constitution.

While the Bill of Rights are natural rights which the promise inclusion was crucial in ratifying the Constitution, there are procedures established to change those organic rights.  Alas, it seems that it  is sport to circumvent the Constitution and make it moot by law, and DHS ammo purchases. 

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