Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Media Family Ties to the Obama White House

The District of Calamity is replete with power couples, who have spouses that do the two step between government service to K Street or Media Row.  

However the nexus between highly placed media leaders and the Obama Administration may well illuminate why the Lamestream Media chose to remain in the dark about the Benghazi diplomatic debacle and the prolonged political persecutions by the IRS of conservative groups due to ideology.  

Now that it has become clear that the Obama Department of Justice has surreptitiously scrutinized phone records of scores of Associated Press reporters, journalists have their noses out of joint for threatening their First Amendment rights of Freedom of the Press.  So it's a little family struggle.  Or have they come to the conclusion that there are some consequences to ideological incest and that they have been co-opted by a power hungry abuser?  It's all relative, so what difference does it make?

There is the matter of trust.  Most Lamestream Media papers are dying.  Network news may still drive the news cycle, but their viewership over the air is dwindling to near nothing.  CNN and MSNBC both have viewership  that is dwarfed by Fox News Channel, which gives left and right a voice.  The BlazeTV, a streaming internet news network started by Glenn Beck about two years ago, has more paid subscribers than Piers Morgan has viewers.  

How do get your news and how do you vet the trustworthiness of their content?

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