Friday, March 29, 2013

Laughing at Funny Man Jim Carrey's Hollywood Hypocrisy

Recently, funny-man Jim Carrey released a Funny or Die internet video “Cold Dead Hands” which targeted  every negative stereotype of “gun nuts” as being Hee-Haw watching idiots as well as defaming a deceased Charlton Heston.

This political parody meant to bolster the gun control bandwagon but  bombed as badly in conservative circles as Carrey’s new movie The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (2013), which coincidentally opened just as “Cold Dead Hands” went viral.

As Steve Martin noted, comedy isn’t pretty.  Sometimes over the top parodies go beyond the pale by being contemptuous instead of just satirizing a subject.  This sting of insult inspired Remy of ReasonTV to answer Jim Carrey with a rebuttal.

It is interesting to see in the parody of the parody how many scenes Jim Carrey participated in with gun play.  Some might dismiss this anomaly as just being an actor’s job.  But the message from “Cold Dead Hands” is an endorsement of gun grabbing.  Yet it has come to light that the elite actor has armed bodyguards. When this episode of Hollywood hypocrisy came to light, Carrey became apoplectic and altered the argument to high capacity weapons.

Laura Ingraham advises entertainment progressives to “Shut up and Sing” and keep their underinformed policy opinions out of the public spotlight. But judging from the vocal quality displayed in “Cold Dead Hands”, that advice might not be applicable for Jim Carrey (but would be alright for Carrey’s daughter Jane Carrey on American Idol).

Considering the anemic $11 million opening weekend of his new movie, laughing AT Jim Carrey’s Hollywood Hypocrisy might be the only laughs that he can count on.  It's too bad that there is not truth in advertising, even in some web domains.

h/t: ReasonTV

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