Friday, January 18, 2013

Not on the Money

The Bank of Canada has generated some controversy at the release of their new $20 note.   The new polymer bank note features a maple leaf which is not native to Canada.

(L) Norway Maple, (R) Sugar Maple
Botanists believe that the outline of the leaf on the right hand side of the $20 bill is a Norway Maple Leaf rather than Sugar Maple, which is the leaf depicted on our neighbor to the north’s flag.  Since the Norway Maple is an invasive species displacing native flora, it is a dubious choice to be on the national currency. The Bank of Canada claims that the leaf featured on the bank note was a stylized blend of Maple Leaf, but botanists scoff at such a suggestion as an after the fact fig leaf.

It is tempting to dismiss this as being par for the course in the Land of the Loonies (sic).  But due to sound economic policy, at least Canadian currency will still be worth something after the next Quantitative Easing.  

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