Saturday, January 12, 2013

Assaulting One's Intelligence (sic)

Sadly, the Mayor of New York Michael "Nanny" Bloomberg, has succeeded in banning in innocuous "Big Gulps" and is now severely limiting pain killing prescriptions supposedly to prevent abuse.  However, it could also have an appearance issue.  After all, it could have a scurrilous reputation because of the name "pain-killers."

 Isn't benign despotism by our political "betters" grand?



  1. Bloomberg is more dangerous than Obama. His "Executive Orders" are getting passed completely unchecked.

  2. @Theodore Barkley- Don't know if I concede to your comparison. "Nanny" got his health board to rubber stamp the Soda Size ban. The prescription drugs "suggestion" is voluntary on a doctor's discretion. But just wait until funding becomes contingent on following the voluntary suggestion.