Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gaming the System

Since the principles in the District of Calamity who are responsible for averting the Fiscal Cliff insist on playing games with the economy and America's indebtedness, it is time to respond in kind.

Over the past couple of years, the Lamestream Media magnified memes of class warfare and lionized the Occupy Wall Street activists  while demonizing the top 2% income earners in America.  Hence, it is is appropriate to reflect this rethinking of reality with America's iconic board game-Monopoly.

A piece of Occupyista propaganda pushed their own vision of the Monopoly game board.

Slate made its point about the 47% with a clever parody video.

Either of those options look more promising than the upcoming Monopoly movie.

Perhaps I will have the playing of playing the original paean to capitalism over Christmastide. However, knowledge of the rules does not equal victory when low information players gang up on someone who cares about the game outcome.  Then again, that sounds like the current political games in the District of Calamity.

h/t: Slate V

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