Saturday, January 6, 2018

Barbra Streisand Chides President Trump about Kennedy Center Honors

Barbra Streisand criticizes President Trump for not attending the Kennedy Center Honors

Alas, the 2017 Kennedy Center Honors was not just about recognizing career contributions to the arts, but was serving as a platform for artists to make political statements to and about President Donald Trump.

James Woods pointed out that the vast majority of stars in the entertainment industry  have reveled in rebuking the 45th President, so why in the world would you subject yourself to attend in order to be abused.

As we enter into the Awards season, in which celebutards congratulate themselves and take turns exchanging engraved Lucite blocks or gold plated statuettes, it will be interesting if they are retrospect about the rampant sins of sexual abuse in the entertainment industry.  But it is more likely that they will assume that being in the limelight makes them illuminated to pontificate about politically correct policies which are commonplace in Hollyweird (sic), a.k.a. Hollywood.

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