Friday, November 3, 2017

Hillary Clinton about her Walk in the Woods

Hillary Clinton tells Daily Show's Trevor Noah that "I'm back"

In promotion of her book about the 2016 election "What Happened", ex First Lady, Senator and failed Democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (D-NY) conducted a softball interview with the Daily Show's Trevor Noah. During the short hit, Hillary lambasted President Trump's reaction to the NYC Halloween Truck terror attack for not being empathetic enough as well as trying to dismantle Obama's agenda.


 Hillary insisted that: "I'm back". It is worth noting that she makes that declaration on Comedy Central, but we can suppose that she is more serious than her jocular trick or treat costume proposal.  However, with the Uranium One Clinton scandal, the looming Clinton emails and ex DNC Chair Donna Brazile's book which documents how Mrs. Clinton's campaign rigged the 2016 Democrat primaries and may have conducted rackateering, it is questionable if the Democrat base wants her to return from the woods. Politically speaking, the Clintons may just be the walking dead. But then again, Democrats seem to go for zombies

It seems that Slick Willy and Crooked Hillary have not discerned that politically speaking that they are The Walking Dead.

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