Thursday, March 16, 2017

Alan Dershowitz on the Second Injunction Against the Trump Travel Ban

Alan Dershowitz on the Second Injunction against the Trump Travel Ban by Hawaii Judge
Instant analysis by Professor Alan Dershowitz on the instant decision by a 9th Circuit Court Judge in Hawaii who produced a 43 page decision two hours after hearing the case.

Judge Watson cited reports by CNN's Anderson Cooper in rendering his opinion to impose a second injunction against the implementation of the Trump Administration's immigration hold from six countries which have sketchy passport vetting procedures and experience problems with terrorists.  

Despite the Trump Administration amending their original "Travel Ban" to exclude Iraq, accommodate those who already hold green cards and took away language which seemingly privileged beleaguered Christian minorities in the Middle East, Judge Watson struck down the Trump Immigration order, because of statements of candidate Trump on the stump and the allegation that it is still a Muslim ban. It is dubious if the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will overturn this idiosyncratic legal opinion. Maybe Thomas Sowell was right about how the Ninth Circuit may eventually rule the Constitution as unconstitutional 

Professor Dershowitz is a liberal who is no Trump fan and believes that the Trump "Travel Ban" is a bad idea.  However, Dershowitz is a fair minded liberal jurist who believes in the rule of law rather than the rule by law and who understands Supreme Court precedents on immigration.

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