Friday, May 13, 2016

Palin Pans Ryan-Trump Pow-Wow

After the highly anticipated meeting between presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, there were positive notes emanating from Capitol Hill.

Alas, not all in the Trump campaign cohort got the message that The Donald is making motions to unify the party. Sarah Palin put out a blistering post on Facebook panning the Ryan-Trump Pow-Wow.

Sarah Palin on the meeting between Speaker Paul Ryan and Donald Trump

Palin's perjuice peaked last week, when she claimed that Speaker Ryan would be "Cantored".  Currently, Rep. Ryan is 64 points above his challenger in the Wisconsin 1st Congressional district.  Oops. But Palin has a spotty success ratio on her endorsements.

Perhaps Palin has forgotten Civics 101 in which the Legislative Branch must pass laws which the Executive Branch approves (or vetoes) and then enforces. So if Trump does win the White House, he needs a party to pass legislation, and the cooperative House of Representatives to begin a budget.  Speaker Ryan did win the backing of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, so it is strange to think that Ryan is the epitome of the establishment.

Palin's post epitomizes a troll tone which wants to stick it to the establishment, without having concrete goals or a realistic plan.  It's like the Sex Pistol's anarchy ode  from 1976 "Don't know what we want but we know how to get it. I want to destroy the passerby. 'Cause I want to be anarchy." The expression of anger may energize those in the circle but it makes it impossible to expand the outreach and ultimately to get things done.

The Trump campaign has a penchant for pointing to polls to validate their "yuuuge" presumed victory.  Well, polling is premised on having an accurate turn-out model. If conservatives do not pull the level for a Manhattan Mogul who slashes and burns anyone in his own party who does not immediately jump on Trump Train, such surveys may be worth less than the paper that it is printed in.

Palin has the reputation of being a pit bull hockey mom, which may have helped during a contentious primary campaign. But those sharp elbows hinder efforts at inspiring party unity. Does Palin think that her presumed gravitas will garner an emolument in a hypothetical Trump Administration?  Or is it just an orchestrated celebutard campaign to keep her name in the spotlight prior to her "Judge Judy" like syndicated TV stint" 

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