Monday, September 22, 2014

Was It Just Senator Landrieu's First Keg Stand or More of Her Last Political Stand?

Three term Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) is engaged in a tough re-election fight in the Pelican State.  The eighteen year incumbent is polling well below 50% against Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy (R-LA 6th) in a three person race.  Due to Louisiana's Jungle Primary, if no candidate achieves 50.01% of the vote, she will be forced into a run off which she is trailing the leading Republican by 13%.

To compound campaign migraines, it was recently revealed that based upon an internal investigation, Senator Landrieu had charged more than $33,700 in campaign flights in 43 trips to her Senate office since 2002.   As this Landrieu "sloppy book-keeping" came to light and gained notoriety, Ms. Landrieu promised to reimburse taxpayers.

Perhaps to overshadow this onslaught of bad news on the campaign trail, Senator Landrieu resorted to some colorful grassroots campaigning.    As Senator Landrieu toured her old stomping grounds at  Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge (class of '77), she encountered a football tailgate in which young collegiates for the 58 year old senior Senator of Louisiana  to partake in a keg stand as part of the Fighting Tiger's home-stand against the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

While Landrieu declined to do a keg stand herself (even though it might earn her votes), she tried having it both ways by pouring a 20 something guy who she termed "a purple shirted bro". Alas, Landrieu's tailgate irrational enthusiasm did not help the Tigers beat the Bulldogs as LSU lost  by a score of 34-29.

Landrieu allegedly expressed concern about how doing a keg stand herself would be covered by the national press.  Landrieu had nothing to fear.  The national press is covering for the Democrats losing big at the midterm elections.  As CNN's Chris Cuomo's commentary shows,  Landrieu's keg stand was a depicted as a  comedic sidelight, rather than a political act of desperation or stooping to conquer.

Had a Republican done something similar, indubitably the Lamestream Media would have panned the pedestrian pandering and probably would have "started a conversation" about binge drinking or rapes fueled by keg stands. 

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