Saturday, August 9, 2014

Errant Elders Advocate Homogenizing Hamas

Former President Jimmy Carter authored a piece published in Foreign Policy along with ex Irish President (and UN Human Rights Commissioner) titled:  "How to Fix It" which suggests that ending the Gaza War begins with recognizing Hamas as a legitimate political actor.

Really?  The United States lists  Hamas as a terror organization. Wonder why?  The Hamas Charter is thoroughly anti-semitic and vows to extinguish Israel. When Hamas took over Gaza in 2007 after winning an election, they literally threw one Fatah legislator out a window, targeted Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for assassination with 118 people dead and 550 people wounded. Hamas directed $100 million of Western humanitarian aid to build terror tunnels as offensive weapons in the current Gaza War. Then consider Hamas tried and true tactic of hiding weapons in UN schools, placing missiles in mosques as well civilian neighborhoods, yet complaining to the international community about all of the civilian deaths. No wonder why one can think that Hamas stands for Hiding Among Mosques and Schools

When Mr. Carter spoke at the Elders event at the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies, the 89 year old former President joked that Elders are "Has Beens" who do not have any real power.  Considering Robinson's and Carter's modest proposal on "How To Fix It" is a good thing.

What might be a better thing is for aides who care about preserving any remaining modicum of Carter's good reputation and keeping him off the center stage.  Carter has become increasingly anti-semitic as he has aged. However,  this latter day foray in foreign policy serves as a reminder as to why Carter is considered by many to be the second worst President in modern history.  President George W. Bush has scrupulously avoided commenting on current affairs so as not to interfere with his successors.  This is a courtesy which Carter can not claim. 

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