Friday, February 21, 2014

Garry Kasparov Checks Western Fecklessness on Ukraine

Garry Kasparov has evolved from a youthful Soviet Chess Grandmaster and a prospective Russian Presidential candidate in 2008 to an outspoken critic of the Putin regime.  Kasparov has not held his rhetorical fire against the unrest in Ukraine.

Previously peaceful  Euromaidan protesters were attacked by forces supporting of Ukrainian President  Victor Yanukovych.  Kasparov foresees an eventual Aunshlauss of Ukraine with the Russian Federation.  Or at the very least the Crimea and other areas with large ethnic Russian populations in Ukraine being "protected" by Mother Russia.  Kasparov intimates that the attacks in Ukraine were coordinated with Putin to occur during the Sochi Winter Olympics to act as a distraction.  The Kremlin has amassed 50,000 man force to secure the Olympics and Kerch,  Crimea  is only 274 miles away, separated only by narrow strait (alas the 2.8 mile bridge which Yanukovych agreed to in 2010 has yet to be built).

With Kasparov's involvement with the Human Rights Foundation, he is attempting to sound the klaxon to preserve freedom in Ukraine.  Unfortunately, based upon his Twitter feed, Garry Kasparov does not seem optimistic about Western "leaders"  rising to the crisis to preserve freedom in Ukraine.

President Obama made public pronouncements about unrest in Ukraine, which tried to blame both sides but also warned the Ukrainian government not to "cross the line."  

Hugh Hewitt was incredulous that Mr. Obama opted to use the idiom "step over the line", especially after the Red Line he painted in Syria in 2012, and then denied that Mr. Obama ever set a red line  in 2013 as the US was preparing to get involved in the Syrian Civil War.   Kasparov picked up on President Obama's pusillanimous tact about acting on "red lines".

The credibility of the European Union and the Obama presidency are on the line in protecting the liberty of the Ukrainian people and freedom.  If this situation goes unchecked, it will be an invitation for forcing a de jure Russian empire.

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