Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Anticipatory Chuckles for the State of the Union

Clark S. Judge should know about State of the Union addresses.  Before Judge founded the White House Writers Group in 1993, he was a Special Assistant and Speech Writer for former President Ronald Reagan.  It is dubious that Vice President Joe Biden, our National Treasure, had any input on this year's SOTU. 

Here is hoping that this year, Mr. Obama can make it through all of the introductions before concluding his remarks.

In all seriousness, if one can stomach actually watching the long laundry list of rehashed reiteration of bumper sticker federal initiatives will will amount to nothing, consider a couple of suggestions to make the time memorable.

  1. Find the ugliest tie in the Chambers.  Extra credit if you can name the fashion challenged politican
  2. Count the number of times that our Dear Leader utters the word "I".  
  3. Play a Between-the-Beltways version of "High Bob".  This year's "magic word" is "fairness".  (N.B.  in the interests of sobriety, the word "I" has been excluded from this year's "magic word").
  4. Guess how long Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX 18th) waited in the House chamber in order to secure her row seat for her annual photo op with whoever is President. 

Or if you are really ambitious and want to pay attention, play State of the Union BS Bingo.

Don't feel obliged to wait for the Spin Rooms to form your opinion.  Take part in the instant punditry on Twitter #SOTU.  Look for the handle @CalamityDC

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