Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Uncool Yule -- Happy Healthcare

Some might find political parodies about Obamacare, like the Happy Healthcare video by Sexy Danger TV, to be over the top.  But after the Colorado Heath Exchange like "Get Shotskis", anything is believable.

But Organizing for Action, the remnant of President Obama's campaign wing Obama for American reformed as a political action group, is urging Americans to "Get Talking" about Obamacare.   This meme was posted on Barack Obama's Twitter feed-

Really?  Firstly, it is wise to "Get Talking" around the Christmas Tree?   Then consider the  idealized Organizing for Action messenger in the meme.  Will you take a dude wearing flannel jammies (probably with footies) seriously?

After wasting $600 million on a botched Obamacare roll-out and this sort of support, why not a bad Santa too?

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