Friday, June 22, 2012

Aren't You Proud About White House Party Behavior

Last week, President Obama invited some prominent homosexual activities from Philadelphia to the first White House Gay Pride celebration. Well, some of the guests from the City of Brotherly Love felt so at home that they could get contemptuously familiar with some of the surroundings.

A couple of the guests used social media to show their lack of class. Matthew "Matty" Hart, the Director of Public Engagements at Public Solutions, chose to give a two handed lone Eagle salute to the portrait of President Ronald Reagan. When Hart posted his photo on Facebook, he captured it "F–k Reagan. Hate to break it to you Matty but your invitation was to a painting and has no chance of success other than showing your lack of class.

Zoe Strauss also insisted on telling President Reagan’s White House portrait that he was number one, but her angry TwitterPic had no caption, as she chose to delete her "F–K YOU, REAGAN" commentary. 

It seems both Strauss and Hart are epic fails on public civility. But after the Cheesehead Fleebagger episode and the occupation of the Wisconsin State Capitol, it is no surprise which side has left behind their anger management therapy.

Straus, however, made herself out to be the life of the party by posting another picture making out with another individual under Reagan’s portrait.

When Philadelphia Magazine (the source of the White House Gay Pride photos) tried to interview Ms Strauss, she insisted that she was "keeping out of the press". Well, when you post an etaper les bourgeois photo on your blog with the caption "Me and LB making out under a portrait of Reagan at the White House. That was amazing.", then it’s a little late to avoid public interest and well deserved scorn.

Mark Segal, the publisher of Philadelphia’s Gay News chose a more subtle slight by taking a sarcastic thumbs up pose with the newly hung official portrait of President George W. Bush. Segal should be commended for respecting the People’s House while offering tongue in cheek protest.

Aside from the demonstrations of anger, there was other DRAMA at this Gay White House Soiree as there was a marriage proposal. Keeping with the rarified guest list, the proposal was between a female-to-male transgendered individual and a biological woman.

At a time when the LGBT community demands public respect and equality, some prominent LGBT White House guests exhibit such "special" behavior. Does this make them proud?

h/t: Philadelphia Magazine
      The Blaze

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